Black Friday Bundles

Black Friday Bundles How to create a bundle, price it, promote it and more for Flash Sales like Black Friday Here’s the step by step process to nail your bundle sale! Take the products you already have, bundle them up, nail your promise, price it, promote it and generate those sales you are after!

Pop-Up Groups

Pop-up Groups When to run them and Key Elements to make them a success. How do you know when to run a pop-up group or use a free or paid group? What elements are key for using a pop-up group and monetizing it? It’s all in this lesson.

Facebook Lives for Groups

Facebook Lives For Groups Sandra’s Tech for going live Ring light + remote – Click HereMic – Click HereMic Extension cord – Click Here  Go Live Checklist: ❏ Location or studio.❏ Notes: example of these are cue cards, white board even just a piece of paper to keep you on track❏ Light source❏ Microphone❏ Camera❏ Tripod or stable…

Live Launches

Live Launches How to run a Live Launch in and outside of your group!This is fast becoming the way to launch in your group and I’m giving you a process in this training.